How to Prepare for Your Photo Session



Happy confident faces and body language make the best pictures, so plan ahead and know what to expect.

These pictures are an investment in time and money on both of our parts. I want this session to be a success, which includes you having a wonderful time, getting great pictures, and returning for more in the future.

Let's Break it Down...


  • Be Comfortable Make sure you are wearing clothes you can move, sit, and walk in. Women, long flowy dresses/skirts photograph the best. Men, long pants and closed-toed shoes look the most masculine.
  • Empty Pockets Empty your pockets, I'll say it one more time EMPTY YOUR POCKETS!! There is nothing worse than taking the perfect picture and seeing the outline of keys, wallet, and sunglasses in your pockets - you'll thank me later.
  • No Fighting Preparing for your photo shoot can be super stressful. If you're feeling angry and frazzled or happy and excited, it will show! Use your drive time to your session to lighten the mood. Listen to your favorite songs, play a game, do what you gotta do to get smiley!

Older Children

  • No Devices If your child brings a device like a phone/tablet to the session, leave it in the car. Its distracting, we loose momentum every time they disengage in the shoot. I promise they'll survive.
  • Personality Let them be involved in choosing their outfit(s) so they feel comfortable and confident. Older kids can sometimes have a hard time "loosening up" for their shoot, so it helps if they feel good about what they're wearing.
  • Be Real While we will do posed shots, I REALLY try to capture the family dynamics - so feel free to tickle, joke, and make them laugh!
  • Keep it Light I get the attitude just keeps on coming the older they get, but try not to engage. Sulky, pouty, and tearful is not a good look.

Small Children

  • Bring Snacks I recommend keeping a small stash of treats (that won't stain fingers, tongues, or clothes) on hand in case your child gets hungry or can be used as bribes.
  • Favorite Toy If your child has a favorite toy or something that makes them giggle, share with me so I can incorporate it behind the scenes and make the session fun.
  • Well-Rested I know kids are unpredictable, but try to have your child bright-eyed for the shoot. Don't spend the day swimming without a nap, and then roll up for your session -I promise no one wants pics of that melt-down.
  • Keep it Light Try not to scold children during the shoot. It will lead to tears and/or strained smiles and stress for everyone, not pretty.

The Nitty Gritty

Kids of all ages get boogies,
dirty faces,
stuff in their teeth, or crazy hair!

Try to check everybody thoroughly through-out the shoot to make sure all faces, teeth, and noses are clear.

All photographs are professionally edited, but you'll make my job a lot easier if faces are clean and ready to go! It would be a real shame to loose the perfect picture because it can't be corrected.

Bringing some wipes and a hairbrush is also a great idea for last minute touch-ups.