Where to Shop?

Some of my favorite stores

Buying ALL new outfits is not a requirement for your photo session.

New clothes make us feel more confident, so its definitely worth considering when planning for your photo shoot. Plus a coordinated look amongst family members is a must have for great pictures. Stores tend to share the same color palette offerings between departments so that's a great way to achieve a cohesive family style. You can also shop your own closet.

Everyone has their least favorite thing about their body and clothes can help camouflage the perceived negatives. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas on hiding your problem areas. Hate your arms - wear sleeves, etc...

And most important, be YOU! If your family doesn't typically wear formal attire, don't go out and buy suits and ties and formal gowns - you're going to look stiff and uncomfortable. A new summer dress you'll wear again or new pair of jeans will work better.


Ahhh, good ole' Target - you know... My favorite place almost always comes through with budget friendly clothes for the whole family.


Do I really need to explain the Amazon to you? You can buy anything, try it on and return what you don't need - easy, peasy...

Old Navy

Family Coordination and affordable prices is their entire marketing strategy. They carry a wide assortment of prints and solids to mix and match.


Use that Kohl's cash and pick up some new shoes and accessories for the whole family.


A little more high fashion. They have some great kids clothes if you're searching for something unique and special.


J.Crew is all about coordinating the family. They usually offer the same print in the women's, men's, and kid's departments


This online retailer offers a large variety of clothes for all sizes and at super affordable prices, but shipping times can vary, so plan ahead.


Great for classic clothing in neutral colors. Clean tailored lines are their specialty.

Joyfolie Boutique

This company offers the sweetest dresses for women and girls and always has coupons available, making them an affordable option when hunting for the perfect outfit.